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Renasterea Nucului
Ave Juglans regia

Dedicated to His Majesty Walnut and his adepts

About us

The Association "Renaşterea Nucului" was created on December 27, 2005 and was registered as a legal identity by the authorities one year later by the authorities from Falesti district.

"Renaşterea Nucului" in a nongovernmental organization and is located in the district of Falesti, Rediu de Sus Village.

Association aims to promote walnut culture and its importance both in terms of curative qualities of this culture from the medical point of view and as a product of strategic importance for national economy.

The experts of the association "Renaşterea Nucului" are specialized in providing information and consultancy services to individuals and small and medium agricultural producers interested in effective ways of creation, maintenance and marketing of nut products.