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Moldova remains the largest exporter of walnut to France



According to USDA data, in 2007 Moldova remains the largest supplier of walnut to France where walnut harvest declined as a result of unfavorable weather conditions.

Walnut harvest reduced from 41.000 tons to 26.000 tons in France; it will lead to the increased imports on the background of the declined exports. To the opinion of the source, France will remain the net exporter of walnut. French producers mostly export walnuts in shells to the EU countries. Germany and Spain remain the major buyers of French walnut.


It is worth mentioning that the sharply increased exports of walnut have been observed during the recent five years in France. At the same time, Moldova built up the supplies of this product to France. In addition to Moldova, India and China were also large suppliers of walnut to France.

It is worth mentioning that the leading experts of the production of walnut and other nuts crops from France, Moldova, Ukraine and other countries plan to participate in the first international nuts forum in Kyiv on the 31st of January 2008.

Source: lol.org.ua