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Moldovan nuts exported to Iran


Moldova exports nuts in over 30 countries of the world. According to Agromediainform paper, this year the geography of the Moldovan nut exports expanded, the nuts being exported to Hungary, Armenia and Iran now.

The official data of the Customs Department shows that in January-March 2009, Moldova exported 3.8 thousand tonnes of nuts worth 14.6 mln USD, of which 3.33 thousand tonnes without shells cost 14.2 mln USD. Compared with the similar period of 2008, the same indicators increased by 32%.

The most important markets for the Moldovan nuts are still France (1.49 thousand tonnes), Greece (371 tonnes) and Syria (380 tonnes).

According to the noted source, the price of the nuts varies depending on the country of export. Thus, the highest price was registered in Hungary 6 463 USD/tonne, and the lowest in Syria (2 726 USD/t).

In 2008, Moldova exported 8.1 thousand tonnes of nuts worth 41.4 mln USD.

At the same time, following the low temperatures in April, the nut crop this year might be compromised. According to MAFI, nearly 80% of the flowers on the nut trees were affected by the frosts.

Source: basa.md